Keeping busy…

So…I’m involved in some way or other in a few random events that you may or may not be interested in…here’s the chat –

Firstly, it’s the last day of the VINYLISM collage exhibition at Tent Gallery in Edinburgh tomorrow. If you are in town I’d highly recommend a wee visit. But don’t listen to me, here’s what Artobotic have to say about it –

” We went to the Edinburgh Collage Collective show at Tent Gallery today and were completely blown away by the standard and sheer quantity of work on display! A massive undertaking born out of sheer passion for collage by its founder and internationally acclaimed collage artist, Rhed Fawell…I asked what drove Rhed to do it and she poured out the most heartfelt reply I have heard from an artist for a long time (straight up)…’I do it because I love collage and I care about the community’ 100% It resonated a lot! Artobotic has many ties with ECC as many of the participants are also Artobotic amigos. The last day of the show is tomorrow and if you’re in or near Edinburgh you should get along…it’s fire” Totally true, Rhed is amazing and has worked her ass off to deliver an amazingly inspiring event. So go see it. There’s also a temporary Instagram page listing pieces for sale for those who can’t make it to the gallery. My wee effort is for sale with all proceeds going to the Teapot Trust.

Secondly, a show that I am utterly devastated to be a part of. We are raising a glass in honour of our pal, Scott Hutchison. My lovely kind neighbours at Skylark in Portobello have offered to do a mini exhibition of some of my seascapes, which I’m selling with all proceeds going to charity in Scott’s name.

We’ll be having an opening evening on Wednesday 25 July. There will be tears but also hopefully lots of happy memories. If you are a friend or fan of Frightened Rabbit, Owl John, Mastersystem, please come along and have a wee dram with us. The seascapes will be on display for a month and can be purchased via my website.

One positive thing that has come from this is all the love that people are turning into ways to make those tiny changes Scott sang in our faces about. Here’s a few to have a look at if you know someone who could do with a little present right now – Eala Jewellery beautiful Frabbit crosses, Tiny Stitches lovely wee cross stitches of Scott’s lyrics and illustrations and Michael Corr has made prints of his mural.

I’ve sandwiched that brutal one in between happier events and I’m pleased to say I’ll be hanging out with my ace Wedding Collective chums at The Briggait in Glasgow for an evening wedding market on Thursday 26 July (best not have too many Balvenie’s on the 25th but if I’m a bit bleary eyed you’ll know why). Wedding couples, come and say hi. Smile, maybe give me a hug or tell me your favourite joke.

I’ve definitely slowed down my pace this year, especially over the last couple of months. But I’m making progress with a bit of a refresh of my work and product packaging and all sorts. I’ve been talking about it for about 2 years but it’s starting to actually happen very gradually. Massive thank you to my lovely and ridiculously talented pal, Laura Tippenhauer, for my beautiful new artwork. I love these illustrations. They sum up why I enjoy shooting weddings – the genuine connections between humans. The last couple of months has really brought home just how important all those kinds of connections are.

And…I have a weekend off from shooting at the start of August! So I’m “helping” out a wee bit at Major Minor’s Fringe by the Sea gig with Broken Records in North Berwick. Any parents who love music and miss getting to go to gigs all the time take note! These are proper gigs, just a bit earlier and a cheeky wee bit quieter for young ears. Take yer weans to hear real music! Utterly genius idea.