make tiny changes to earth

I’ve been trying to write a thank you for Scott. It all just sounds like trite bollocks but hey.

Over the last dozen or so years he was a big part of our lives, whether as a boozed up pal, neighbour or on the stage/stereo, he was there for all our highs and lows and he always will be. I’m so glad I got that wee demo in 2005 and I’ll keep on treasuring it and all my memories. He always advocated the use of creativity as a way of dealing with life’s shite. He encouraged my ridiculously crap attempts at making and sharing daft things and I just hope they always made him laugh. I’ll really miss his wide as fuck patter and generous pep talks.

One thing I’ve been doing over the last couple of years which I’ll continue to do is taking a little ritual seascape as I walk along the beach. I’ve always found solace in that view of the Forth, the light is amazing and the gentle wee waves we get here are one of my favourite sounds. I wanted to hate the beach when I came home this weekend but that water is where he found his peace and I feel a morbid closeness to that.

So I’m putting a few seascape prints up on my print shop. All proceeds of any purchased will go to Help Musicians UK, a charity which focusses on mental health and one that Frightened Rabbit have supported. I know we all want to keep making those (not so) tiny changes so this is my first wee effort and if I can help anyone with any other ideas please just shout.

I want to thank everyone who has shared this last week and I want to hug his family and friends for him. Grief is just love.

Lots of love to everyone hurting xxx