Ladies Day

So did anyone else just sleep through February?! No? In my defence, I had the flu and then a big dose of the Noro and the snow happened so why not just be a smelly wee bear and hibernate? Shoutout to Ally who also had the flu but made it along on one of the few days I did get out my scratcher to do some work.

Also, it’s that there International Women’s Day so big ups to my dad for not dying a year ago today. Pretty suitable for his contrary sense of humour. My mum recently said “FFS (she said the actual words but you know what they are), nobody ever knows if you are joking or being serious” and I did a wee epiphany and kind of know who I am now…anyways, speaking of my maw (yes, a smooth segue)…

I’ve managed to shark a few generous souls into a Loony Dook at Porty Beach on April Fool’s Day, no jokes, in aid of Cancer Research. It’s baltic in there so we may flounder but the aim is to catch a couple of waves/wild swim/scream and then turbo(t) to the nearest drinking pla(i)ce. Thanks to those who have already donated, really appreciate it. Plenty time to muscle in and join the team if you’d like. I’m urchin you to sponsor us – link here and/or just come and point and laugh/buy us a whisky. It’s all in honour of my wee mum being a legend through her treatment.

A year ago today I was up early making this gallery of recent black and white headshots of inspiring women which I don’t think I got round to sharing so have a gander if you like.

Back to now and I’m looking forward to The Wedding Collective market this Sunday at Biscuit Factory. Come and say hello and I’ll rant at you for a bit. Tickets from this here link here.

I’m also very excited about some beautiful illustrations that my super talented pal Laura Tippenhauer is creating for this here photography site and the like. I’ve been meaning to sort it out a bit for a while but life, oh life, you know. I just think they are wonderful and can’t wait to let you see.

Anyways, I’m off to get inspired by some lovely lady and gent photographers at Photography Farm. I’m not sure what the collective noun is…a riddy, a geek, a clique (said like Ewan McGregor’s crap generic American accent)?