If this isn’t nice, what is?

“When things are going sweetly and peacefully, please pause a moment, and then say out loud, “If this isn’t nice, what is?”” Kurt Vonnegut.

I’m having a slow start today after an incredible week of motivating, emotional and inspiring things. My wee brain and heart are fit to burst. So much so that I just had my first 13 hour sleep in about 5 years and it was the tits.

Back to work (this is going to be heavy on the superlatives) –

Thank you so so much to Alice and Gareth who married at Colstoun on Saturday. That was a very special day for many reasons. Some of which being just how awesome a pair of humans they are. I think, as a photographer, you do always kind of fall in love a wee bit with the people you photograph but this pair big time. Legends.

I’m pretty sure it’s also the only wedding ever to feature a crocheted Omar from The Wire. Or a mention of castrating guinea pigs in a Father of the Bride speech. Or a bride who, by chance, delivered her best friend’s baby/the youngest attendee. I LOVED it from listening to the choir sing along with the rain battering off the polytunnel during the ceremony to Gareth turning everybody into tipsy sops with massive smiles as he sang The Magnetic Fields version of The Book of Love to his new missus.

It was ace to work with Wedding Collective pals Bespoke Catering and Kate Elliot-Muir again too.

Which leads me nicely to thank yous to all who came to chat at the Wedding Market yesterday. That was a cheery afternoon (some of us suppliers may have been a bit giddy on tea and sugar but heyyyy, thanks to Fallen Tree Coffee Truck).

Photography Farm on Thursday and Friday were just amazing. Thanks Lisa for bringing it to Edinburgh. I’d recommend getting involved in all that they do to any photographer, however long you’ve been working on portraiture or weddings (and to video folks too). All the amazingly talented folks who spoke had something worth hearing so big ta all round. Just the kick in the ass that I needed. I don’t even know how Tu Nyugen’s brain works but he’s like an auteur, amazing. Jennifer and Eric both had me on the verge of tears which I didn’t expect from a workshop sitch so thanks for being so brutally honest about your lives and motivations. No to vegemite though…Expect a whole new website and all sorts soon…not as soon as I’d like but I’m accepting that everything takes about 3 times as long as you’d hope when you have a bouncy 4 year old to dance with in-between.

I’m saying all this like I’m about to set fire to my keypad with my motivated wee fingers but I’m actually having a belated Mothers Day with my boy. We’re going to hang out at our favourite galleries this afternoon and play spot the colour/shape and eat even more chocolate.

What a week. I’m going to try to let it all sink in without overthinking it all into a big old mess of possibilities. Then tomorrow…oooft.


If this isn’t nice, what is?