2017 thank yous

2017 thank yous – gallery

As always, I am due a huge thank you to all the couples we’ve worked with over the year. We’ve had some very lovely moments and it really is a privilege to see a part of what makes you the lovely humans that you are. I’ve got a bunch of wonderful kind words from some of you to post on here soon too.

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Then there’s the wind beneath my wings – Alix, Loraine and Sarah – I couldn’t do it all without these creative beauts. A big thanks to all the talented suppliers and venues who’s wears we’ve snapped this year as well.

It’s not a normal nine to five but that keeps us on our toes. I’m shoe horning as many female lead films as I can into this for no good reason…

After the busiest few months ever I’m truly pooped and more than ready to get my PJs on to watch Die Hard in bed with some pizza and a hot toddy. In the new year I have a bunch of fun projects to get to work on and a big spring clean of this here website to do. But only after I’ve had all the double carbs, whisky and naps I can handle.

We have had some top patter this year. We all know that girls just want to have fun so we do enjoy a bit of tipsy chat. We’ve been called everything from the Chuckle Brothers to the Banger Sisters…Not really that last one but we were asked if we have a porn making sideline and that’s private, Benjamin.

If you are joining the joy luck club soon then give me a tinkle, you heavenly creatures. Let’s look at our calendar girls and boys. Bring it on.

As we drive off the cliff, hand in hand into the unknown of 2018, I bid you well. Enjoy some of this year’s favourites.

Ooooft, I hope you didn’t read all of that, that is time you can never get back…onwards and upwards.

To me, to you x

2017 thank yous