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Hi folks

How are we all doing? The sky is blue, happy days!

Is it just me or does anyone else make all the lists but not really get round to doing much of the stuff on them? Well I’ve slapped my own wrists and crossed a few things off of the many scraps of paper lying about…

Firstly, I’ve made a little online print shop! A few folks have been chasing me about prints for a while now so finally I pulled my finger out and it should be live now. I just got some test prints for myself on my favourite fine art paper and the colours are pretty lush. Also, I just couldn’t write ‘test prints’ on yet another list without deserving Chinese burns for procrastination. It’s lovely rough cotton paper, super tactile (the prints, not the lists). My images at the Wedding Collective Market at Glue Factory last month were on this lovely stuff and everyone was sneaking a wee feel. Many of these scraps of paper (ok the lists this time, not the prints, jeez Louise) feature things that might end up on my wee print shop one of these days, along with some more road trip photos.

Speaking of those awesome beauts at Wedding Collective, I’ll be joining their cheeky/handsome/creative faces for the next 2 events – an evening market at The Lighthouse on Thursday 6 July and a Sunday sesh at BAAD Design on 1 October. Come and see me – tickets for July are onsale via Brown Paper Tickets here.

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Also, hello London pals and wedding couples. I will be in your fair city for a few days in the middle of March. Give me a shout if you’d like to catch up. I’ll be drooling in the Tate Modern at Elton John’s Radical Eye exhibition for most of the time no doubt!

I’ll also be in/on Orkney in April, if anyone has any tips let me know what I should go see/photograph (aside from the Highland Park distillery) as I’ve never been before. We’ve got lots of exciting Springtime adventures this year, including shooting at The Byre in Inchyra, Colstoun in East Lothian and Wedderburn Barns in Duns and the Cow Shed in Crail, working with the lovely ladies at Lemonbox Studios.

This year’s wedding photography season started with a cheeky day trip to North Berwick. It’s such a treat to be back meeting couples face to face, getting to hear a little more about their story, leaving all excited about the next time we meet. Alix and I picked some of our favourite shots from last year’s weddings which you can see here, if you haven’t already had a nosy. There are a couple of new galleries from last year’s weddings on the site here too.

I’m clearly nae good at crossing ‘update blog’ off of those bits of paper so join me on instagram if you haven’t already cos I’m a bit better at updating that.

Solen x

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