Crear Beach Wedding Gallery

Crear Beach Wedding Gallery

Howdy partners.

I promised a while ago I’d ‘bang on’ about my inspiring weekend by a remote little Scottish beach at Crear. So here I am. Alix and I had a mini road trip and spoilt ourselves with a brunch at Loch Fyne to pat ourselves on the backs for having such a great time. We stayed at a little B&B right on the lochside where we shared some wine with the midgies and heard a big fat seal snort amongst the lobster pots. We sorted out most of the world’s problems over salt & vinegar corn based snacks. Freaking awesome.

Anyways, back to Crear. I’d love to go back to Crear…It’s a beautiful part of the world. It feels like it’s own little world. The venue is a blank canvas with lots of lovely architectural angles, mirrors and windows that us photographer types usually get quietly (although I think we squealed a few times, sorry) over-excited about. Surrounded by ever changing Scottish skies above hillside, down the lane to the beach. There was something very special about Mhairi and Craig’s day. They move to Canada soon and this brought their closest friends and family (and dog) together to celebrate a new chapter for them. They grinned like children at each other all day long. Their connection is lovely to see. Faith in humanity and all that.

Oh yeah, and the Crear Beach Wedding gallery is here. Hae a wee deek as we say around these parts (sometimes).

Aside from that lovely trip this has been a very weird few weeks for me but I’m off to pack for Friday and Saturday’s weddings at opposite ends of Loch Lomond. I’m away to chase those little shards of scattered sunshine and grab some human joy, give it a hug and turn it into little pictures to keep safe.

speak soon
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Crear Beach Wedding Gallery