Colstoun House Wedding Gallery

Colstoun House Wedding Gallery

This weekend I’ve spent catching up on saying hello as we hit peak wedding season so hello!

My head is busier than my trigger finger as I’m working on a bit of a re-brandy type thing, more of an evolution maybe. I’ve got a million ideas trapped in my head with very little time to let them escape. Over the coming months I’m planning to update some things. Or my brains might explode. Messy. I’m roping a few kindly, inspiring and ridiculously talented friends into helping me on this and some personal projects too. I’m really keen to work on some more collaborations, to challenge myself and to see what we can create.

The photography that I love the most is of quiet personal moments and about a place and a time and some human feelings. I always feel that maybe I should be expressing how those things affect me a bit more so couples know a bit more about who I am before they let me loose! So that’s the plan – furiously scribbling down a bunch of ideas and attempting to make time for notebooks and moodboards of ideas…

I’ve just uploaded a gallery of wedding photographs at a new venue in East Lothian. Thanks so much to Helen and Alex. Colstoun House is such an amazing space to work in. There are so many beautiful spots for light chasing in and around that amazing house and it’s coach house too. The estate is also home to folklore about a wizard and an enchanted pear, dating back to 13th century, which is totally up my alley (google Colstoun Pear if you like a tale of temptation). Ancient big pine trees and fire pits, what a place. Anyways, take a look at the Colstoun House wedding gallery here!

I’m super inspired after my trip to Crear last weekend too so thanks to Mhairi and Craig for having us record their really very special day. I’ll be banging on about this as soon as I get my final edit done. Heading to Glasgow and Wedderburn Barns this week for more. Feeling the love!

speak soon
solen x

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Colstoun House Wedding Gallery