Marrakech, wedding galleries and wonderings…

Firstly, before I go off on tangents about Marrakech, wedding galleries are updated on my website! There are wedding galleries from this summer to have a look at along with some more shots of my recent trip to Marrakech. But it has been a long while since I had a chance to post so thought I’d have a wee chat while I’m here!

I have had the most amazing summer. I’ve worked with the loveliest of loved up people at their truly special big days. We’ve even mostly had awesome weather. Thank you to all of you for some really lovely experiences. A bunch of hard work, logistics and little sleep has brought me to Autumn and to a little personal reflection.

Earlier in September I took a short trip to Marrakech with some of my most lovely lady friends. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit so I’m so happy to have finally been. I’ve always had a very romantic view of the city, having poured over all the photos of Keith & Anita and the rest of the Rolling Stones entourage hanging out there in the 60s! I figured it might not be quite like that but it kind of was! We took a few days to unwind and feel the sun on our skin. It was immense – a real mix of quiet moments and the mad sweaty frenzy of the souks and square in the Medina. We stayed at the serene and beautiful Fellah Hotel for the first half before moving to the traditional Riad Dar El Aila in the heart of the old city.

My year has been very much like this little trip, full of crazy busy new experiences with little moments of sleepy reflection. It’s been an awesome year watching our little 2 year old boy learn to speak, play harmonica (!!!) and grow into a really amazing smart and funny little guy. While we were away I made a promise to really focus on what matters in life going forward. This involves me looking after myself a bit better, eating well, making a little time for exercise to keep me fighting fit. It was my first time away from my boy aside from work so I had a bit of a mental struggle with it but worth the torture to have a moment to breath, relax and to take photos just for me too. So watch out, no doubt my pinterest will be full of clean eating and exotic but family friendly destinations!

I spend my work time surrounded by happy people celebrating love. It’s always a great day in the office. But personally, while I’ve had a wonderful summer, there has been a lot of illness and bereavement in my and my close friends’ families and that’s got me to where I am right now. I’ll not get into a bunch of cliches about it but I know I have to learn to say no to some things and to really make sure I’m making the best of my time. I am rubbish with words so sometimes I worry people might read me and my intentions wrongly but we are all still growing and learning. I hope on the way to learn to not upset anyone and to do the best by everyone I meet. I need to make sure I spend as much time with my boys, family and friends as I can. I also want to make sure I look after my clients moments and keep them safe as if they were my own, to know I can manage my own expectations and those of others from my time.

Looking forward and I cannot wait to work with the rest of my couples and for some new ones and I to find each other. We have some really great times to record together. I’m working away on editing my September weddings, updating the information I have to share with next year’s couples and streamlining things a little to keep improving and to keep learning and creating. While our little one is so little I haven’t done any destination wedding work but it’s something I might work on in the future. I’ve been so lucky to have been all over Scotland with work and to London, Belfast, Brittany, Malaga, Nerja and Marrakech so far this year. I’ve another trip to London very soon to take part in a creative photography workshop (my first time attending such a thing but I thought I’d give myself a little creative treat) so can’t wait to meet a bunch of interesting and gifted photographers then.

I’m going to try to find time in my brain to work on some personal projects that have been taking up space in there. I’m going to keep traveling and progressing. When I’m not working I’m going to dance with my boys and our pals (hopefully in the sunshine of some new and exciting places as well as our lovely home). I’m a very lucky lady.

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